What is Sinzation?

SinZation was created in 2004 because there wasn’t a venue for women to celebrate bachelorette and birthday parties or just have an ole fashioned girl’s night out!  Presented at Circuit Nightclub, SinZation is a highly produced show with themed sets that include music videos on giant video screens with thundering sound and dazzling lighting and special effects.

The show features emcee and Chicago cabaret legend Honey West.  Honey guides the guests through the various themes and incorporates her special comedic styling to guarantee a fun night.  Our sexy male dancers interact with the guests during the show for an unforgettable “up close and personal” experience for every guest!

This is a question that we get every day! We have found that it is very difficult to convey how our show is different than any other male revue show you have or will see. Why? We designed SinZation to be more theatrical rather than just a typical “stripper show”. Of utmost importance to us was making sure that all every guest who sees our show feels respected. We also designed the show so women, of any age, race and station in life would be comfortable with the content of the show. Most shows have a former dancer as the emcee. Once again, we went a different direction. We have a transgender emcee, Honey West who works extremely hard to make every guest feel at ease and encourages them to “just have fun”!

Our dancers are experienced professionals of diverse backgrounds, age and ethnicity. Of course they are all hunky and hot, but they are also very aware that they are entertainers and it is their sole responsibility to make every show a memorable event for every guest.

We mentioned theatrical. This is a term that better defines our show than any other. We have extensive lighting and sound – far more than any other male revue show you can find today! In addition, we have three separate stages in the front of the room and two in the back. Each serving a purpose in the staging of the various scenes that we bring to life during each show.

YES! We have the COPS and FIREMEN and a couple hot CONSTRUCTION WORKERS, but we also revive desire for those gals who have always wanted to be a “Bond Girl”! Nowadays VAMPIRES are everywhere. Guess what… we have VAMPIRES too! The show closes with a high energy COWBOY set where all the dancers are in the crowd getting up close and personal!

“Up close and personal?? You mean the dancers aren’t chained to the stage?” No, they are NOT chained to the stage! Again, we wanted our show to be different than all other and one way we do that is allowing our dancers to roam through the crowd and allow the guests to tip. Certainly TIPPING IS NOT REQUIRED, but if the guest is inclined to offer up a dollar bill or two to a dancer, we are OK with that! Also, for those who want that extra special experience, we offer ON-STAGE opportunities.

“Can we take pictures?” Excellent question! And the answer is YES! Other shows ban personal photography and sell you a Polaroid at the end of the show. Our philosophy is to allow our guests to take as many pictures as you wish! Post them anywhere you want. If you want a special photo opportunity with ALL the dancers and your Honoree, at the end of the show we can arrange to get the entire cast is together as a group and your Honoree can pose with them and we will take a handsome 4” x 6” digital photo and then put it into our custom frame. There IS a small charge for this group photo op and you can buy the photos in advance at out ticketing website or on the night of the show. We can take a photo for you with our instant camera or we will use your camera(s) to take up to 5 pictures.

The bottom line is that we built SinZation for YOU! It is our constant goal to:

  • make sure every guest has a great time
  • never allow the show ever be “sleazy” or inappropriate
  • provide an experience that every guest can recommend to her friends
  • hire only the best entertainers and crew
  • be the BEST Male Revue Show You Will Ever See!
  • target and market to women, however men are always welcome to attend any show
  • All guests MUST be 21 or older to attend SinZation!