Bachelorette Party

Celebrate your special night with the Men of SinZation!  We always put special focus on your honoree to insure she will have memories that will last a lifetime! 

HOT SHOTS are our specialty shot with rum and fruit juice and come in a sexy complimentary shot-glass with the SinZation logo printed on the side which is yours to keep! HOT SHOTS can be purchased for your honoree or your entire group and are only $5 each and a non-alcoholic shot is available on request for $3. (HOT SHOTS do NOT apply to our 2 drink minimum.)

Add an On-Stage HOT SEAT for your bride to be which gets her on stage with a dancer during a set for a lap dance for $25 online and $30 if purchased at the show. (Some sets feature multiple HOT SEATS simultaneously, but each honoree has her own dancer for the entire lap dance.)

Kick it up another notch and get our BLING package for your bachelorette.  The package includes a 6 foot feather boa plus a blinky ring and tiara.  BLING is available for $25.  Add a GROUP PHOTO with the dancers after the show for the honoree or your entire group! When purchased on line, the first photo is $15 and copies of that pic are $5 each.  When purchased at the show, the first photo is $20 and the copies are $5 each.

Choose either VIP or General Admission seating for your party. 
VIP seats are at table located in the center of the room (a limited number of front row seats are available.  We can accommodate VIP groups of any size by combining tables.  All VIP seating is reserved.  We seat from front to rear based on the date and time seats are purchased.  Buy early for the best seating in the VIP area!

General admission seats are located behind and on the sides of the VIP area and do NOT include a table. Seats are on a first come – first served basis but seating is always GUARANTEED! (Views may be limited in some General Admission areas arrive early for best seats!)

Purchase seats two ways. 1) Buy all seats as a group and get a discount. 2) Use our exclusive Party Planner which allows you to set up a reservation; enter your guest list with their email addresses into our ticketing system; we send an email with a link so each guest can click into your reservation and buy their seat with their credit card.  The Party Planner eliminates the need for anyone to put out money up-front and then collect from the guests.

We can help you plan your party at SinZation with our exclusive Party Planner on  Simply choose your date, type of seating, enter your guest list with their email address and the system takes if from there.  We will send out an email with a link into your reservation.  Guests click on the link and buy their seat (as well as any other guest on the list if desired) with their credit card.  As the party planner, you are never on the hook for any guests who don’t purchase a seat in the reservation and you only have to pay for your own seat!  Simple, easy and VERY effective!