Join the cast of Sinzation!

Please take a moment to let us know about your interest in working with us by filling out our contractor form at the bottom of this page. Before applying, please review the following information about our independent contractor policies.

Do you have what it takes to be
a performer for SinZation???

Complete the application form below. Submit at least the requested photos… more are better. Previous experience is NOT required… personality and attitude are #1 in your evaluation as a performer in our shows. When we receive your completed info form and attachments, we will review it and, if we are interested in you, we will contact you to arrange a time for you to come in and talk with us. DO NOT SHOW UP AT THE VENUE TO AUDITION!

If we are interested in you as a performer, you will be contacted. Our criteria when contracting with a new dancer is: 1) personality and comfort around and respect for our guests; 2) body – physique, symmetry; cleanliness; 3) dancing ability – we can teach you! We attempt to maintain a well-rounded cast with men of various ages; body styles and ethnicity.

You are NOT an employee, you are considered an independent contractor. Your base is paid by check at the end of each show. You receive a 1099 Miscellaneous Income form at the end of the year for tax purposes and are responsible for payment of your own taxes. You are an independent contractor.

Our management, cast, crew and production staff works as a team. Everyone has a job to do and should always strive to exceed expectations. As cast members develop seniority and demonstrated ability, he is given opportunities to perform solo numbers increasing his tip earning potential.

We look forward to your submission.

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