What a fabulous evening!!

I am the Bachelorette’s Maid of Honor, and I was put in charge of setting up the reservations with Sinzation, our party’s Main Event. Honestly, you blew my expectations right out of the water – I had no clue what to expect, but every single person we interacted with (staff, dancers, bartenders, and our waiter) made our night so much fun. Thank you for taking such good care of my group and especially my best friend (our bachelorette). We LOVED Blake!! He is great at what he does! Can we take him home next time? 😉 – Elizabeth

We saw [another show] in Las Vegas earlier this year. You guys BLEW THEM AWAY! Your show was a lot more friendly and the guys weren’t sleazy. They were all very hot and perfect gentlemen. (I did slap 2 of them on the ass!!!! whoo hoo!) You should advertise your show more so everyone knows about it. We found you by accident on Google. I am telling all my friends they got to go and see this show! You guys rock! – Kristeen

I just had to write to you and tell you how great your show was Saturday night! We had 25 girls in our group and everyone had a wonderful time! I was so happy with the help you provided in planning the party and that you allowed everyone to buy their own tickets! That made everything SO much easier. We will be coming back in October for my birthday. I can’t wait to see those hottie dancers again – especially Blake – OH MY GOD! – Jen

Thank you for a great evening! The show was great, what a bunch of good looking guys. Our sever was great brought us our drinks right away! And my sister the Bachelorette, had the best time on stage! By the way Marlone was the best!!! Thanks for making our night! We are already planning our return trip. Oh and who could forget Honey! Thank you again! – Lana

Thank You for the fantastic evening! I have never had so much fun. The dancers were perfect gentlemen but were still hot and sexy! I thoroughly enjoyed the performance of Honey West! She really makes the evening flow and makes SinZation a complete entertainment event and not just a stripper show! I have been to stripper shows [in Vegas and Wisconsin] and this blows them away!! We are already planning another party with these men! – Jennifer

“My friend Jackie and I were planning our friend Kelly’s bachelorette party and we came across your site, and boy are we glad we did. Not only are your packages you offer outstanding but all of us girls had a great time. Your show at SinZation left all of us breathless. Between all of us we have been to several strip joints but nothing like this. It’s been almost a week and we still cant stop raving about it and are planning a girls night out soon! Thank you sooooo much for a sexy evening and be sure we’ll be back for more!!!!” – Claudia, Jackie and the rest of the girls 🙂

“This was by far the best show that I have ever been to! The dancers were HOT and SEXY and very polite. I was afraid that it would be sleazy (sorry!) like a couple other stripper shows I was at, but NOT EVEN A LITTLE of that was in this show! Everyone was so professional and the entire show was fantastic! I am telling all my friends and we are coming back for my birthday in July! Thank you for a great evening! Oh yeah.. Blake is HOT!” – Stacey (party planner!)

Oh, my gosh, the best fun I’ve had in AGES!! The food [at Kit Kat] was great and the SinZation show was fun…. much fun, thanks again and I will be posting [your] info onto Pour Magazine Sunday! – Donna


These are unsolicited reviews that we received from women who have attended our show! We welcome comments from anyone and will post ALL of them on this page! Thank You to all who have attended SinZation!

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